Running School Fundraisers for 40 Plus Years!

Our Average Profit With Schools of 350+ Students Is $19,000!

Nationally Recognized Brand
Guaranteed Profit
Serving 3 States

2-Day Delivery
Prizes Provided
No Upfront Cost

Why Us?

We’re not limited to school-wide fundraising but when we do we have an average profit of $19,000 for schools with 350 plus students. ArkLaTex Fundraising is one of the original providers of Worlds Finest Chocolate and our commitment to minimizing all fundraising challenges and maximizing profit makes us the most profitable fundraising option for schools, groups, teams, and organizations. There is no fundraiser too small or too big and our mission is to provide a profitable fundraiser for your school with no upfront cost.

Profit Guarantee

Our Most Popular Fundraiser

Looking for the fastest, easiest and
MOST PROFITABLE fundraiser on the market?

We GUARANTEE 100% that we will match and beat any existing competitor’s fundraiser by 10%! If we don’t, we’ll cut YOU a check for the difference. (We will put everything in writing!)

Up to $1800 value or $600 cash directly to be used to buy additional prizes and incentives (does not affect your profit).

Up To 50% Profit
2-Day Turnaround
No Upfront Cost

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